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"DyneGroup is pleased to announce the following additions to its Board of Advisors:
Former NATO Commander and U.S. Presidential Candidate GEN Wesley Clark, The Honorable Tom Ridge - Former Governor and Secretary of The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Michael Bowman of the National Steering Committee for "25x25" and Co-chair of the Colorado Governor's transition team for Energy Policy"

- "We are very pleased that these individuals of national prominence have joined our team. They will be key advisors to our group," said John Bickel, DyneGroup CEO. "Their combined understanding of strategic vulnerabilities related to foreign oil dependence and the belief that new, alternative engines and fuels will power the future is in line with our business plans and the technologies that we are actively taking into the new energy technology marketplace."

WASHINGTON, DC, USA – June 01, 2012:
Michael Bowman, a distinguished member of the DyneGroup Board of Advisors, was one of twelve White House Champions of Change Alumni who recently met with President Obama in celebration of the one year anniversary of the program. Mr. Bowman was selected to participate in the White House 'Champions of Change" program where he was recognized for his work in the areas of biofuels, renewable energy and rural development. This event highlighted the great accomplishments the alumni have achieved since initially being honored as White House Champions of Change a year ago. After the ceremony, Mr. Bowman enjoyed a brief, private conversation with the President on the subject of NH3 in America and its economic potential as a viable fuel alternative. A "Make It in America Champion", Mike Bowman is a fifth-generation native of Colorado from the northeastern community of Wray. Throughout his adult life he has been active in the rural development initiatives both nationally and internationally. He serves on the National Steering Committee for "25x25" was a founding member of the alliance. He is also a founding board member of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance and Shadowcliff, a Colorado-based environmental non-profit education facility in Grand County. Over the past seven years he has spoken nationally and internationally on issues related to rural development, sustainability and energy. Michael served as Chair of Colorado's New Energy Future in 2006 and was co-chair of Governor-elect Bill Ritter's transition team for energy policy. He currently serves as an Advisor to the Savory Institute and to the DyneGroup with fellow advisory board members Governor Tom Ridge and General Wesley Clark. Michael is a graduate of the Colorado Agriculture and Rural Leadership program was a Next Generation Fellow in Columbia University's American Assembly and a 2008 recipient of Gamma Sigma Delta's Significant Achievement in Agricultural Award by Colorado State University. Michael currently directs Strategic Initiatives for Sturman Industries of Woodland Park, CO, a global leader in next-generation, transformative energy technology.

To see a PDF of the full Press Release, click HERE

Learn more about the White House Champions of Change program at www.whitehouse.gov/champions

Tulare, CA, USA - February 14-16, 2012:
DyneGen, Inc., a Dallas-based energy technology engine manufacturer / products and service company (and a member of the DyneGroup), is pleased to announce that its newest alternative fuel product, a "supercharged", port fuel injected high performance engine running on Natural Gas, will be on demonstration in Booth H30, 32 and 34 - February 14-16 at The World Ag Expo. "We are so pleased to have been given this opportunity" said David Leis, DyneGroup Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Business Development for its DyneGen brand. "This is an extremely important show for the agricultural community and they need to see what we have to offer in this new natural gas solution - it's a real workhorse engine - ideal for running pumps, wells, etc., and will save the farm community a ton of cash because it runs so efficiently. Our positioning is ideal - high visibility and profile - we should have a great audience to see our engine perform!" DyneGen was formed in 2010 to combine a heritage of race engine history with solid industrial manufacturing process with a mission to bring together new, market-disruptive technologies, innovation, and capabilities and deliver large-displacement, alternative fuel engines that lower CO2, reduce component count and maintenance, and offer significant improvements in energy utilization and long-term reliability.

To see a PDF of the full Press Release, click HERE

Washington DC, USA - January 11, 2012:
DyneGroup, Inc., a Dallas-based alternative energy products and services company, has named Tom Ridge to its Board of Advisors, the company announced today. Ridge, the first secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and former governor of Pennsylvania, currently serves as president and CEO of Ridge Global, a security and risk management firm headquartered in Washington, DC. "I am delighted to once again align with Secretary Ridge," said John Bickel, DyneGroup CEO. During his tenure as a senior executive at Corning, Inc., Bickel worked with then-Governor Ridge to build factories and create jobs in Pennsylvania. "In our last collaboration we were able to create over 1,500 U.S. manufacturing jobs and, in this new endeavor, these numbers could easily double with the addition of other technologies that we are actively pursuing in the alternative energy space. Based on past experience and current accomplishments, I know that Secretary Ridge will be an informed and meaningful advisor to our group efforts." DyneGroup was formed in 2009 to provide leadership to take new alternative energy technologies from laboratory to market. Its current brand portfolio includes the development of processes that will produce cost-effective anhydrous ammonia through a revolutionary green technology, the production of internal combustion engines that will operate on alternative fuels, and the provision of cost-effective, localized integrated solutions via private electrical power systems and micro-grids.

To see a PDF of the full Press Release, click HERE

Little Rock, AR, USA - January 15, 2012:
DyneGroup, Inc., a Dallas-based alternative energy products and services company, is honored to announce the appointment of General Wesley Clark to its Board of Advisors. During his 38 years of service with the United States Army, Clark rose to the rank of four-star general and served as NATO's Supreme Allied Commander, Europe. Since retiring from the military in 2000, he has taken on the roles of investment banker, cable network television military analyst, author, and alternative energy champion. Clark has chaired several public and private companies, and is a progressive leader in pursuing energy solutions.When addressing renewable and alternative energy forums as a keynote speaker, General Clark's comments often focus on the national security implications of the United States' foreign oil dependence and the U.S. Agriculture industry role in providing alternative energy sources. In early 2011, he drew a record crowd in the "Be Ready Discussion Series" at Ag Connect Expo. "In the agricultural business, you are the most productive sector of America. You're the sector that made America great," he declared. "Now we've got to take that productivity out of agriculture and move it to the next level. And that is to produce a liquid fuel that will free us from dependence on imported oil in the near term." These educational discussions brought together leading experts from both inside and outside the agriculture industry with a variety of unique perspectives on key issues likely to impact future production."We are very pleased that General Clark has joined our team. He will be a key advisor to our group," said John Bickel, DyneGroup CEO. "His understanding of strategic vulnerabilities related to foreign oil dependence and his belief that new, alternative engines and fuels will power the future is in line with our business plans and the technologies that we are actively taking into the alternative energy marketplace."

To see a PDF of the full Press Release, click HERE

Woodland Park, CO, USA - February 01, 2012:
DyneGroup, Inc., a Dallas-based energy technology products and services company, has named Michael Bowman to its Board of Advisors, the company announced today. Bowman, a fifth-generation Colorado native, was a founding member, and serves on the National Steering Committee for "25x'25" - a national alliance started by a group of volunteer farm leaders. Bowman believes that the nation's natural resources can be used in a responsible way and is now crusading for green technologies for rural communities, including the development of "fuel agnostic" engines that adjust to whatever kind of fuel is being used. "Everyone knows we make food, but often people don't think of these rural communities as places where the fuel and energy is going to come from to meet these new demands," Bowman said. DyneGroup was formed in 2009 to provide leadership to take new alternative energy technologies from laboratory to market. Its current brand portfolio includes the development of processes that will produce cost-effective anhydrous ammonia through a revolutionary green technology, the production of internal combustion engines that will operate on alternative fuels, and the provision of cost-effective, localized integrated solutions via private electrical power systems and micro-grids. "We have known Mike for several years and have a great respect for his work - it is right in line with the core values of our brands and we are delighted to have the opportunity to align with him and share ideas that will lead to innovation," said John Bickel, DyneGroup CEO. "Our product and service offering speaks to his belief in green technology for the rural communities mixed with high efficiency, work horse alternative fuel engines that can deliver high performance on a variety of new fuels. We are in sync and look forward to working together."

To see a PDF of the full Press Release, click HERE

London, January 31-February 3:
BP Castrol hosted an Insight Program that was themed around an area of rising importance to business and world trade -"Mutating Manufacturing" focused around disruptive transformation of the manufacturing industry and production processes. These Insight Programs are designed to bring together a diverse group of external guests (many from outside the industry) with Castrol's executive team (led by John Carey, VP in Charge of the Industrial Business of which manufacturing is a part). In a collaborative manner, the event explored the potential futures and trends in four focus areas that will have a significant impact on manufacturing. This two day session will consist of four 3 hour deep dive sessions into the focus areas. Each external contributor (3-5 per focus area) will participate in the appropriate sessions, comprising a brief presentation (10-15 minutes) each, followed by an active panel discussion and breakouts to drive insights into the impact on manufacturing. Peter J. Bryant of Clareo Partners (one of the event organizers) contacted Aetodyne CEO, John Bickel, with the following request: "...we would be honored if you could participate and present your view of the leading trends and plausible futures on New Materials – especially replacements for current materials including metals, the role of biotechnology, printing, ceramics etc – looking out towards 2025 as to what will be the major transformations as well as stay for the full 2 day program. I want you to be a member of the New Materials panel and give a 15 minute talk on the trends and plausible futures you see for new materials with what you are doing at Aetodyne as a backdrop... the work you are doing with new materials (ceramics), amongst other things, to change the nature of industrial engines and where that could lead will be very provocative..." Bryant continued, "We are seeking participants that are willing to be active, provocative and challenge Castrol's perspective in these areas so we can push the envelope and John, I think the magic will be getting the right person from Aetodyne - and that's you, John... it will be great to have a start up in the program and a discussion around plausible futures and trends you see evolving and that will be supported by your company's work – as you know there is a delicate balance between outright product pitch and a thoughtful perspective on what may be based on what you are doing (the proof)..."

To see a PDF of Mr. Bickel's BP Castrol PowerPoint presentation, click HERE.

The 'Dyne Group' (LLC) is a new US-based holding company that manages two important alternative fuel subsidiaries, soon to become name brands in the industry. Through the use of proprietary technology, Aetodyne, LLC is tightly focused on the development, production, and delivery of "green" anhydrous ammonia (NH3), the world's second most manufactured chemical for use in the agricultural, fuel, and wind/solar electrical energy storage and retrieval markets worldwide. The second company to be managed by Dyne Group will design and produce alternative fuel internal combustion engines (natural gas, NH3, hydrogen [H2] and other low BTU fuels) for use in large industrial and commercial applications, such as power generation. The two brands complement one another and their individual stories can be found within their respective websites. The new Dyne Group site serves as a base camp for the subsidiary brands - an administrative headquarters for news, views and market updates, before jumping off into the exploration of the individual brand sites.

Aetodyne, LLC - The Energy Evolution CompanyTM, has updated its web presence with a new, user friendly website that focuses on the core business intended, namely the design and production of custom micro-hubs (μ-hubs) to end-users for localized production of anhydrous ammonia for local market consumption. Founded in 2008, the company is pioneer in the anhydrous ammonia and renewable fuels market and destined to be the alternative fuels market leader. With easy access from the homepage, visitors can download pdf files of meaningful Aetodyne information, including "The Aetodyne Story", the "Aetodyne Strategy" and a detailed White Paper that has received significant attention from individuals of national and international prominence.

Addiction to imported petroleum carries with it huge economic, environmental and national security risks for the United States and other developed countries. The search for a domestically produced, economical and environmentally friendly fuel has led to one acceptable solution, anhydrous ammonia. Also known as "the other hydrogen", ammonia is the closest thing to a perfect transportation fuel. Ammonia is an ultra-clean, energydense alternative liquid fuel. Along with hydrogen, ammonia is the only fuel that does not produce any greenhouse gases (GHG) on combustion.

Fertilizer prices in 2009 will be as unpredictable as the spring's weather. There's a one-ton elephant in the room where fertilizer dealers and farmers are in a standoff. Dealers think the animal is worth close to $1,000, while farmers calculate its worth at maye half that price. Nobody seems ready to budge, but, by spring, everybody has to leave the room. This predicament started last summer when dealers started to build fall and spring inventory while fertilizer and crop prices struggled to find a top. With corn worth more than $7.00 at the time, NH3 priced at more than $1,000/ton still penciled a profit for farmers.

The volatility of 2008 will likely change the fertilizer industry forever. "In 2008 retailers took the market risk because they didn't have commitments or agreements with farmers," Stone says. "They're going to be looking for ways to hedge that risk with growers." That's the way Vernon already does business. His fertilizer sheds are full of fertilizer, but farmers prepaid for all of it before he placed the orders. "I don't short the market," he says. "There's product in the buildings, but I don't own it." Mid Kansas Cooperative offers customers a propriety program that allows them to lock in grain sales at the same time they purchase inputs. "We talk a lot about locking in and locking up and we haven't changed our strategy," Vernon says. "We believe in today's market you need to take action on both sides. If you want to lock up fertilizer prices, then we suggest you talk to our grain-marketing folks at the same time. Those decisions are no longer independent."

A wet spring in 2008 only made the situation worse. With a delayed harvest and seasonal rains, only about 50% of the normal amount of fertilizer was applied in the fall. "The reduction in fall-applied fertilizer could lead to a substantial increase in demand for spring-applied fertilizer, placing additional strain on the supply chain," Farrell says. "We could see spot shortages of supply as a result of this increased short-term demand, which could mean some farmers may not be able to obtain all of the fertilizer they would like, when they would like to have it this spring...Can the fertilizer distribution system handle two seasons of product in one season? We have always found a way to make it work," Vernon says. "We've pulled a rabbit out of the hat three of the last five years." But, he admits, the rabbit is a lot bigger this year.

That's the dilemma Appel sees for Midwest retailers. "Retailers will fight to the bitter end to keep customers," he says. "But the ones who bought earlier are competing with dealers who did nothing and now can buy cheaper fertilizer. The biggest risk those retailers face is how much money they have to lose to keep customers. That second group can use their cheap fertilizer to either build their customer base with price as a weapon, or lock in some windfall profits. I think we'll see more localized pricing in 2009 than ever before, depending on when dealers made their purchases."

A new process under development named Ammonia Synthesis (AMMSYNTM) takes an entirely different approach to producing ammonia. AMMSYN works much like a fuel cell in reverse, and does not require high pressures. In fact, AMMSYNTM does not use a Haber-Bosch reactor at all, since AMMSYNTM does not produce hydrogen as an interim product. The hydrogen feed in the AMMSYNTM process is steam from a boiler, and the water from which the steam is produced does not have to be distilled or overly pure. The AMMSYNTM equipment "cracks" the steam into hydrogen and oxygen on an electrocatalyst, the hydrogen is converted into a proton by stripping off an electron with an electronic circuit, and the proton traverses a proton-conducting ceramic electrolyte to combine with nitrogen on the other side of the electrolyte.

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